"After consulting with many other MBA admissions consultants, I decided to work with Laura at Access Education in Singapore based on my initial impression of her. I couldn't have made a better decision.

"Laura was incredibly professional, got back to me in a timely manner and most importantly she's amazing at what she does. She is clearly very passionate about her work. Unlike other consultants I met with, she really took the time to get to know me well, and was immensely helpful throughout my application process.

"She was very quick to understand my personal history, unusual cultural background and technical career experience as an oil and gas engineer. She helped me identify and capitalize on my strengths as a candidate, articulate my story and bring out the best of myself in my essays. She also helped me realize what I truly want out of my MBA, something I was unsure of when I first started.

"Her knowledge of international schools is outstanding, her understanding of different cultures is extraordinary, and her editing skills are phenomenal. Her positive energy kept my confidence up during the entire process. And I got in! I can't recommend Laura enough."

Aalia R., INSEAD

"I can't imagine how I could have gotten in without her help, given that the admission process is so intensely competitive. I highly recommend Laura for MBA applications, resume building or personal development."

Albert P., Michigan Ross

Comprehensive Service

Our comprehensive service is designed for applicants looking for end-to-end support. Your Admissions Consultant will guide you through the entire MBA admissions process, from initial planning through Decision Day -- and even matriculation!

Access Education tailors our service to your individual profile. We help you make the most compelling case to your target admissions committee that they should accept YOU.

Here's how we work:
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  1. 1. Planning and Strategy

    Over the course of two sessions, we'll thoroughly explore and evaluate your background and aspirations, identify the key elements of your authentic story and plan your application strategy. During this process, we'll:

    • Work with you to explore your personal, academic and professional histories in detail, and highlight those elements that best reflect the admissions criteria of the program you're applying for.
    • Assess your background and experience and help develop strategies to emphasize your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses.
    • Help you define your short- and long-term career aspirations and personal objectives to ensure you have a well thought-out plan for achieving them and can express it clearly and effectively.
    • Evaluate your target schools for fit, and make sure you've understood their specific characteristics and considered how their particular programs would enable you realize your ambitions at this juncture in your career.
    • Discuss the admissions criteria and desired profile specific to your target schools
    • Consider your competitive profile in relation to your target schools' applicant pools and diversity objectives and develop a strategy to make you stand out from the crowd.
    • Articulate the outline and key elements of your "authentic story".
    • Review application questions and discuss how to present your story in the best possible light.
    • Establish a recommendation strategy and help select your recommenders.
  2. 2. Essay Editing and Evaluation

    With our professional writing and editing experience and our inside knowledge of the admissions process, we help maximise your probability of admission to the school of your choice. We partner with you to make sure you market your best self to your target schools effectively based on their specific admissions criteria - and capture the attention of busy committee members who plod through hundreds of applications every admissions cycle.

    Once you've completed your initial draft, we'll work with you through successive rounds of revisions. We'll give you extensive feedback on content, structure and style to help you revise and refine your writing until you've produced your finest work. If English isn't your first language, we'll advise you on grammar and vocabulary to make sure your writing reflects the creative originality inherent in your native tongue in your own unique style appropriate to your level of English.

    We'll also consider your application as a whole to make sure your story is well-balanced and effectively highlights your strengths while mitigating your weaknesses.

    You'll get as many rounds of edits as you need until we're satisfied that you've produced your finest work. We're available weekends and evenings to accommodate your busy work schedule - online, by phone or face-to-face.

    We make sure your unique story shines in your own authentic voice -- clearly, insightfully, engagingly, and in a way that will resonate persuasively with the admissions committee of your target school.

    At the end of the process, we'll make sure you submit the strongest MBA application you can produce, maximising YOUR probability of success.

  3. 3. Interview Preparation

    For some schools, interviews are a critical part of the application process. In our experience as alumni interviewers, we've interviewed candidates with world-class management experience, shining academic records, sky-high GMAT scores and brilliant essays - only to reject them based on poor interviews. Knowing what an interviewer is looking for and interviewing with confidence can make or break your application.

    Once you're invited to interview, we'll help prepare you for your interviews with proven interview techniques, real interview questions and a mock interview. We'll give you detailed feedback to make sure you're getting your key messages across effectively and with confidence.

  4. 4. Entry Planning

    Most MBA students don't realize how important the time between admission and matriculation can be if used wisely. You'll get a one-hour strategy session to evaluate your plans and advise you on ways you can use this critical window most effectively to help achieve your loftiest goals. Using techniques we've developed over fifteen years providing career advice to high-potential pre-MBA's, we'll help you create an entry strategy that will help position you get the most out of your business school experience, and maximise your chances of landing your dream job when you graduate.

  5. 5. Alternative Options

    In the unlikely event you don't make it into the school of your choice, you'll get a free 90 minute session to evaluate your options. We'll diagnose any weaknesses you might have had in your profile, and help you develop strategies for addressing them should you decide to reapply. We'll also advise you on strategies to plan and execute your next career move - at no extra charge.

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